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    To our krew:

    We woke up this morning to the lawsuit Kris filed against us.  As you all know, there are two sides to every story. We ask our fans to please be patient and not come to any conclusions until we are able to respond to the lawsuit with the truth. Our team has advised that we don’t get into any specifics until we can properly respond to the false claims made—most importantly being that we did not kick Kris out of Krewella, he resigned. We’re having a really difficult time today. As we write this letter to you, we are in the studio working on the second album. Please hang in there with us, the truth will eventually come out. Thank you for being so supportive, we love you guys.

    Love, Y & J

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@nikkolamere 😉✌️

    @nikkolamere 😉✌️

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  3. Happy birthday to the most brilliant boy we know

    Happy birthday to the most brilliant boy we know, Rain Man aka Kris Trindl.

    Some people make music to feel loved by many because they crave attention and acceptance. Others are loners and make music in solitude because they have passion for art. Kris Trindl is one of the few artists we know whose art isn’t phased by fame and success. Since he’s not one to boast about his accomplishments and talent, our birthday wish for him is for everyone to take a moment to realize the innovative talent, dedication, and passion Rain Man has for creating music. Many of you don’t realize that we wouldn’t be making music together today if it weren’t for him.

    In the past year the two of us have experienced some of the most life changing moments with Kris and wouldn’t take back a single one of them. Over the last 7 years of working on this project we’ve yelled at each other, made each other cry, even threatened to quit Krewella all together because of the stress- but through it all we’ve come out stronger. Those experiences have made Rain Man more than just a bandmate- but our brother and best friend.

    As much as we annoy you, we can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives making music with you. We hope you are ready to be an old man on a yacht still creating music with us menopausal, crazy nut jobs.

    Thank you for believing in us as singers and songwriters, trusting our artistic intuition, and living this dream with us. Each year that passes you become a better man, and it’s amazing to watch you grow as an artist and genuine human being. We love you to infinity and beyond.

    your main bitches- j and y

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  4. The Art of Getting Wet from Jahan

    Fuck showers. Fuck sleep. Fuck food. Fuck manicures, fashion, and friends. Let the stale sweat marinate in your pants day after day, and don’t you dare change them for you will lose sight of the creative zone you have been in for a week straight. Every day the bare skeleton of a song slowly morphs into what will hopefully be a fully fleshed beast. And when the weekend comes, it’s time to take a step back, fly away, and play a show on the opposite coast. I’d add to the list and say ‘fuck money,’ but every dollar earned at the show is poured right back into the development of our project, Krewella. Kris, my sister Yasmine, and I are passionate slaves to the entity we created ourselves almost seven years ago in our parents’ basements in Chicago. We have completely surrendered our lives to Krewella by dropping out of school, quitting our jobs, neglecting our family and friends, and replacing leisure time with moments to pursue our master plan of becoming artists that touch listeners on a global scale. This is what it means to live, eat, breathe, and dream music. This is the art of getting wet.

    ‘Get Wet’ is a milestone for us as it is our first full-length work of art. Though we have been a group since 2007, the debut of this album marks the beginning of our career. Everything from the vocal lessons, to hundreds of recorded demos, to failed music videos, to shows where we were booed off stage that happened before the completion of the LP were preparation for the journey that we are about to embark on.

    with our managers, Jake and Nathan, and director Miles Evert before spinning at our release party in LA this past Tuesday.

    With the help of our amazing fans, our managers Jake Udell and Nathan Lim of TH3RD BRAIN MGMT, our agents at AM Only, Miles Evert the producer of KREWLIFE series, the blog community, colleagues at radio, and support from our label, the record the three of us wrote and produced in our Chicago meat district apartment on New Years Eve 2011 was on the rise earlier this year. ‘Alive’ was responsible for our international growth and entrance into the mainstream realm several months after the Play Hard EP release. As it was our first time receiving commercial spotlight, we noticed shift in a handful of our fans, claiming they felt betrayal and that we were becoming too ‘popular’ and that we ‘sold out.’  It’s extremely important to me to address this concept of ‘selling out,’ because uninformed music consumers use this term loosely, but truly do not understand what it means. We don’t belong in the old game where the so-called ‘machine’ feeds a pop-star puppet to a mainstream audience. 
    When Columbia Records discovered us in Winter 2012, we already had a fully executed yet unreleased Play Hard EP, and a budding online presence. We didn’t need to follow a star-making model because we created ourselves. We had music, artistic vision, image- an entire brand that had we had been marinating. What was going to take our project to the next level was a magnifying glass over our work to share with millions more, and capital to reinvest into the art. Whether we have aligned with an agency, label, or brand, it shouldn’t matter if we have accepted these opportunities because they only further enable us to focus on the creation of music while they provide a support system so we can survive as full-time artists. Commercial licensing and brand sponsorships are ways for an artist to financially support themselves in the modern music landscape as record sales are low and file-sharing is high. Appearances on MTV or product endorsement shouldn’t lead fans to question artists’ authenticity, and the reality is that it has no affect on the music we create. 
    What affects the music we create is you guys, our krew. The tattoos, pictures, stories, tweets, letters, and shows we experience together formed the ‘Get Wet’ album. You guys are the inspiration behind the story we are telling about the past couple years of our lives touring the world. Seeing the way our krew communicates with us on social media and in the physical realm made us realize that our music stands for so much more than a party song. And these experiences we’ve shared together made the writing for ‘Get Wet’ more colorful and truthful than ever before. 

    Raging with our Krew in the foam at Exchange LA the night #GetWet dropped

    Each song on ‘Get Wet’ serves a different purpose for the emotional, multi-dimensional music listener. ‘Live for the Night’ is your party jam. ‘Dancing with the Devil’ is your fierce response to haters (‘If we die, then who will be your enemy? So shut the fuck up we’re about to leave a legacy”). ’Human’ sympathizes for the misunderstood, sad, and lonely (They say pain is an illusion, you are just confused, and this is just a bruise, but I am only human).  ’We Go Down’ is the rage anthem that unites the reckless little misfits (we are giants we are bigger than the monster, every second we are taking back the power, on a run till we get a fucking answer, try to hold us down but we’re only getting stronger). 
    We are turning the page in an era of Dj over-saturation and redundancy. We are bringing the rock to the rave. This is rock n’ rave baby!It’s not about looking pretty, being safe and feeling clean. ‘Get Wet’ is about losing your inhibitions and dancing, taking risks, embracing your fucked up, crazy side, and enjoying the ride that we are all on together. We hope ‘Get Wet’ will make adults feel youthful and kids feel empowered. It is a shoulder to lean on. It will tell the story of your lives when you can’t put your emotions into words. We’ve carefully crafted every lyric, instrumentation, song order, and nurtured this album like it’s our new born baby. And this baby is soaking wet and ready to jizz all over trolls around the globe.

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  5. This week marks the start week of our Get Wet tour and I cannot explain how excited I am to see all of you on the road!! Though in light of the events at Electric Zoo still fresh on my mind, I just want to stress how important it is to put safety above a “good time”.

    There aren’t warning messages on drugs like on a cigarette pack. There aren’t nutrition facts to tell you exactly what you’re taking. Obviously I can’t tell you all to be safe and sober and you’ll listen to me, and I’m not ignorant of the fact, so I’d rather you all be prepared. Buy a test kit before you experiment—it could save you and your friends’ lives. (http://www.eztest.com/) & for those of you like me who know nothing about drugs, please read up before you do ANYTHING: http://rollsafe.org/. Besides knowing the facts, if you’re out drinking, you’re likely to have a designated driver, so logically if you and your group of friends are going to be under the influence of something, find a friend who is willing to be your group’s designated sober babysitter. Again, doesn’t sound too fun for the DD friend, but it could save someone’s life. I can’t stop thinking about the people who have passed away at these shows and festivals. It could’ve been any one of you who have ever experimented with drugs or drank too much. Don’t ever make your parents worry that their children aren’t alive and well. Don’t ever worry about whether your friends made it home safe.

    I’m not trying to preach abstinence, I’m trying to preach safety. Coming from someone who has never touched a drug in her life, I can’t relate to that world, but I drink once in a while and know the risks of even alcohol. Whatever substance you are taking, ecstasy, alcohol, etc., know the facts first and know your limits. Separate from this, though, I urge you to try and go to a show or festival sober and see how much fucking fun you can have in a clear state of mind. Trust me, night after night of playing shows sober has opened my eyes to how beautiful music is as a drug in itself. To be honest, if you’re anywhere within 50 feet of The Volcano that will be on our Get Wet tour with us (BOOM!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hwkT0oLfC-s) I promise that you will have an insane experience, with or without being under the influence.

    I wouldn’t feel right going on tour without posting this message first. No, the EDM scene is NOT dying. No one specific is “ruining” the movement. We have just lost sight of the reason we became so enamored with the electronic world; the music. Let’s get back to that beautiful moment when we all fell deeply in love with the energy of dance music, when we couldn’t wait to lose ourselves in every build and drop and rage until we couldn’t move our legs anymore.

    Thank you to all the dedicated artists and fans, new and old, for keeping the movement alive though. And with that, see you beautiful people on tour!!

    With love, Yazzy

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  6. this is for the losers

    As an artist in the public realm I’ve accepted that by projecting our music, image, and LIVES through a glass house for the world to see, we are easy targets for hate. I’m extending from Yasmine’s writing a few weeks ago, except this post isn’t about US or ME. This is about the hate that’s circulating amongst YOU guys, our krew. Here’s a fan photo we posted on Facebook and read the ‘highlights’ of the comment thread below:

    'who's the fail faggot flashing gang signs'

    'what homos'


    'my eyes are burning from how much gay there is in this photo'

    We are fortunate to live in a society where we have freedom of speech and a platform like the internet to share our thoughts and opinions. Why abuse that freedom when you know that by the click of a button you could send an insecure person on a downward spiral into depression that may lead to self inflicted pain? Some people feel they don’t fit in with society so they dress a certain way or seek comfort in the online realm to feel accepted. But what happens when the internet spits you out because online trolls tear you apart with comments about the way you dress, sexual preference, ethnicity, age, or your physical disability? 

    When I found out that one of our fans committed suicide because he couldn’t live with the bullying anymore I was deeply affected. It shouldn’t take finding out about someone who ended their life to change the way we treat others. I feel it is our social responsibility to fight for more peaceful internet usage and protect victims of online bullying with our endless support for whatever makes them quirky, weird, and imperfect. And for the kids who are called ‘losers’ right now, whatever makes you a ‘loser’ will be your weapon someday if you don’t surrender to chasing popularity. It’s the lonely kids that stay inside and develop their craft or passion, while cool kids waste their efforts trying to fit in by bringing others down. And you lonely kids will be happy, respected, and successful one day, so hang in there. 

    Let’s filter out the negativity to make room for more genuine music lovers. Don’t infect a genre that thrives off of PEACE, LOVE, UNITY, and RESPECT (PLUR) with your hatred. Who cares if the person next you is wearing a tutu or turban, if they are young or old, black or white? Let’s remember that in the infancy of the American rave scene in the 90s, DJs had no identity or celebrity image and therefore the genre was stripped down to purely the music. When you look at fellow fans and let their fashion choices affect the way you perceive music, that’s your EGO shaping your music taste and not your soul. If we want to respect the origins of dance music, we need to accept each other for who we are as humans and not criticize someone’s character based on their fashion choices or bully others for their physical appearance or sexuality. Having the luxury to freely post what we want on the Internet means we have to set our own rules. Can we all make the rule to stop verbally abusing others online?

    One a lighter note- no, we won’t ‘skrew’ one of you ‘fellas,’ but nice try and thanks for the clever poster. Any effort to make us laugh is greatly appreciated and we have endless gratitude for our krew. 


    P.S. back 2 typing like this :P

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  7. I wrote this last night when I couldn’t fall asleep but didn’t post cuz I was deliriously unsure of whether it was just an insane rant…

    The internet has been a battlefield lately. With the recent leak of something as huge as Daft Punk’s new album, musicians jumping down each other’s throats over other petty issues, and fans/anti-fans getting in the middle of all of this shit, it’s impossible to scroll through my timeline on any social media and not see a post that is hating on something or someone. 

    This is fucking scary for an artist. We’re coming upon the conclusion of the full length album, and for anyone who puts their heart into the music they create and let it out into the world once it is (almost but not ever quite) perfect knows how anxiety-inducing it is in the current day and age to do such a thing. Some support you, but others will stop at nothing to cut you down and make you feel worthless about yourself as a musician and even a person sometimes. Really though, if I had a dime for every person that didn’t know one of the three of us, yet called out some deep character flaw they couldn’t possibly know… More importantly though;

    Twelve songs. Through countless (probably over 100) demos, we chose twelve.

    It took a full year because we’ve been balancing touring and studio at the same time, but nonetheless it’s been a crazy road.

    And I can say right here and right now that some people are going to fucking hate us for these twelve songs. They’re going to think that we’ve taken a giant shit on the music industry, ruined their favorite genre of music, etc. etc. etc. It’s almost comical to me at this point, I always envision a small Napolean-looking character sitting in front of their computer in a dark room, conjuring up new ways to advocate hate on the internet. I imagine them scouring YouTube for videos with too many thumbs-up’s just to even out the ratings with some negativity. Worse though, what’s in my head is probably not too far off from reality.

    Now, for those of who are reading this and have completely ignored the last paragraph because you are excited that we have almost finished and are coming out with a full length album soon, FUCKING THANK YOU!!! Because you know what? So am fucking I. I am MOTHERFUCKING STOKED. Jahan, Kris, and I have spent the last year pouring all the wonderful and shitty and insane and just plain fucked up emotions and feelings into this album so I don’t give a flying fuck if anyone has anything bad to say. We spent this entire year working and stressing about whether or not it was going to be good enough in the end, but as the door closes on the creative process for Album #1 (still un-named, working on that though!!) I couldn’t be happier. I speak for myself, but I think my sister and Kris could agree with me. There’s always room for the could-haves and should-haves. But fuck that, we’ll save that for Album #2. 

    We created this album for the person that is still reading this awfully long rant. You, our krew, our fucking homies, the ones who get drenched and wet to the core with us at our shows, the ones who tweet at us every day, those who make us personalized kandi, write us such beautiful letters that make a lonely hotel night away from home just a little warmer, the die-hards who were one of maybe 20 people at our very first shows back in 2011, the people that know every word of every unreleased song already (how the fuck do y’all know that shit ahhahaaa!), the kids who listen to our tunes every night before they go to sleep and every morning when they wake up… Thank you. This album is for you. It’s to help you when you need a hand and to slap a smile on your face when shit gets bad. We made this for you. Thank you so fucking much for supporting us, I’m sitting here in my room at 4am and I’m getting mad fucking emo thinking about how many people have helped my dream, my Krew’s dream, come true. I wake up every day and think about how rare it is to get even 100 people to listen to your songs, and we have ALL of you? How fucking lucky are we!? The luckiest in the entire fucking stratosphere. Before I start the waterworks and also begin to offend you all with my lack of control with my usage of profanity, I’m going to sign off. But…. one more bigass motherfucking huge THANK YOU!! I cannot wait for you guys to hear these songs and I hope you can all relate to these songs, cuz in the end we’re just three regular ass kids from Chicago going through the ups and downs of life too, we just put these emotions into songs and make them rage-worthy for you guys.




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    music is not about ownership. it’s about belonging.

    I used to get salty when my favorite artists would make it on the radio or mtv or some jazz like that, but in the end I realized it’s one of every artist’s dream to have their music reach and touch as many people as possible

    so share the love you beautiful pplzz 

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  10. for every person who hates on us there’s a bunch of krew members lifting us up. can’t tell you how many times we’ve read a shitty comment about one of our songs or a show we’ve played, only to hop on twitter or facebook to read the love we get from our dearly beloved fans AKA homies AKA krew. that shit keeps us going. THANK U GUYS SO MUCH all of that means more to us than I can explain in words in this tumblr post :o <3333

    for every person who hates on us there’s a bunch of krew members lifting us up. can’t tell you how many times we’ve read a shitty comment about one of our songs or a show we’ve played, only to hop on twitter or facebook to read the love we get from our dearly beloved fans AKA homies AKA krew. that shit keeps us going. THANK U GUYS SO MUCH all of that means more to us than I can explain in words in this tumblr post :o <3333

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